Committee Minutes


Committee Meeting Minutes Held on 29th March 2016

Items in Blue – Action points.


John Daughtry (Chairperson)           Steve Ball (Captain)                Chris Park (Vice Captain)

Chris Wren (Secretary)                      Pete Thorpe (Treasurer)          Mick Bush (Senior’s Representative)                  Barry Lamb (Rabbits Captain)          Louise Ward (Lady Captain)    Jonathan Oates (Junior Committee)                    Jeff Whittam (PGA Professional)      Paul Brown (Head Green Keeper & General Manager)


Peter Tomlinson (President)             Stuart Rowntree (Junior Organiser)     Martin Rhodes (Competition Secretary)   Steve Reilly (Handicap Secretary)    Dan Atkins (Website Co-Ordinator)


The Chairperson welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order by asking for any apologies.


Secretary apologises for the incorrect date & month of January and missing Dan & Jon from the attendees list as shown on last February’s minutes, these have been corrected for the records.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING (By persons who were at last meeting)

Proposed by – Pete Thorpe                           Seconded by – Steve Ball

Action Points

Secretary had a meeting with Paul Brown & Dan Atkins regarding the website, we are currently working on updating to reflect the new season; Fixtures, Committees, News & Events, and at the same time making it easier to navigate. (Chris Wren/Dan Atkins/Paul Brown are dealing with this).

Captain’s Report

I would like to thank everyone who donated money towards my Captain’s Charity Event which raised over £450 & to everyone who attended the function on Saturday night, a big thank you to Gloria & Doris for their help with the raffle tickets.
I would also like to announce that I have  booked Pontefract & District Golf Club for my Captain’ s Away Day on the 12th August which I am looking forward to, I will be putting up a sheet on the notice board for anyone who would like to go.
I would like to thank the players who played in the Daily mail competition who just got beat by 1/2 a point against Woodhall, Chris Park, Lee Dane, Ashley Porter, Matthew Hawley & Les Pickles, but well done to Trevor Copley & Bob Mann for winning their match the previous day also in the Daily mail competition.

Blackshaw’s Management Report

Paul Brown Head Green Keeper & General Manager advised the meeting that the membership stands at 230.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer apologised for not having a report sent out with the agenda but due to being away did not have time to send out, therefore supplied a copy of the accounts on the evening. (See Att vi below)

We discussed the £30.00 committee costs that the staff pay, although in previous years we have waived this payment, it was felt that they should pay this year due to the current situation with the account. It was advised that both honorary life members have paid their committee costs.

Secretary’s Report

John Daughtry, Steve Ball, Pete Thorpe & I met with Paul Fennelly & Paul Brown on the 9th March, regarding issues that we the committee felt required some clarification. (See Att iii below)

Steve Ball & I met with Ruth Wood from the GDFTB last week to discuss their Annual Fundraiser Prize Giving to be held here on the 9th June. (See Att iv below)

Apologies on the misprints in the new handbook – the dates for the 8-15’s are incorrect and the fixtures shown in the Scratch League were last year’s, this was entirely the fault of the Secretary.

The Captain, Competition Secretary & I attended the Yorkshire Union ACM and a seminar at Fixby Hall, Huddersfield on 24th February. Although there were no real issues to report upon regarding the Annual Council Meeting held in the afternoon, there were some interesting details from the morning Seminar details of which will be attached to the minutes of this meeting. (See Att i below).

Met with Dan Atkins & Paul Brown on the 12th March regarding the Calverley Golf Club website and the updates required, all information has been given to Dan for upload to website, hopefully all this should be completed by end of March.

Have been contacted by Eric Rickatson (Senior’s Secretary) asking for the following:

“We have discussed within the senior’s committee the possibility of having a dropping zone on the 5th hole for a lost ball. This is another area which some of our older members find difficulty in reaching the green. Having said that the tree line has been reduced recently. Having spoken to Paul Brown and the club professional there seems to be problem there. We do ask would there be any objection from the club committee to us implementing this rule. We also believe it would contribute speeding up the game”

After consultation and review of ‘the rules of golf’ I responded with a letter.

There was a lengthy conversation regarding this matter, in which Mick Bush advised the meeting that what was asked for was not what the senior section actually wanted. It concluded that the senior’s may have a dropping zone as advised in the attached letter for a ‘trial period only’ (See Att. ii below)

The St. Patrick’s Day 9-hole shotgun start only attracted 32 players (6 teams). Many thanks to those that felt it worthwhile in supporting this event; we did manage with help & donations from everyone there to raise £80 for the Captain’s Charity GDFTB as well as paying for the bacon rolls and prize monies. Thanks to Lynda and Paul for their great service on the day. On the downside, we should maybe not run this event again next year as I personally, when asking certain members had ‘derogatory’ remarks about us even thinking about running this event.

As linkman, I shall be attending the Bradford Past Captain’s AGM at Northcliffe on Wednesday 30th March.

I have offered my assistance to the Captain on his ‘Drive In’ on Sunday the 17th April at 1.30pm. I have produced ‘swindle’ sheets for the drives of both the Lady Captain and himself.  I will contact ALL new Captains to ensure that they attend on the day along with our PGA Professional. (Action C. Wren).

We have been contacted by the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs regarding possible funding grants;

The County Executive Committee has set aside the sum of £5,000 from which to award grants to Clubs in an attempt to assist those who wish to apply to increase and retain the level of their membership.

We are very aware of the innovative and excellent efforts that many Clubs have been making over some time to address these matters and where it is felt that some relatively small financial assistance would help, the County invites any of its affiliated Clubs to apply. Of particular interest to us would be to help in measures to retain any newly recruited members or prospective members to develop their basic skills which, we feel, would encourage their keenness and pleasure to continue in our sport. It was advised at the meeting that Jeff Whittam has already placed the wheels in motion with regards to our application for funding. (See Att. v). 

Membership Report

Please find a breakdown of our membership as of 24th March 2016:

As at 24.03.16 Totals
7 Day Gents 105
5 Day Gents 79
7 Day Ladies 6
5 Day Ladies 7
Junior Boys 11
Junior Girls 5
Intermediate 0
Life 2
Social 1
Staff 5
Total 221


We have only had 23 ‘official’ resignations the reasons for which are shown below:

  1. Dissatisfied with how CGC Ltd is operated = 5
  2. Moving away from area = 1
  3. Stopped playing golf = 3
  4. Passed away = 4
  5. Left with no reason given = 2
  6. Left CGC Ltd employment = 3
  7. Suspended membership due to ill health = 3
  8. Suspended membership working away = 2


Please note at this time 64 members have not rejoined but we do not know why, but we have had 18 new

members join us.

Competition Secretary’s Report

I am away on holiday currently, so please accept my apologies, however I report as follows:

Calverley are through to the second round of the Men’s Foursomes and we play away at Temple Newsome.

We will be entering the PGA Lombard Trophy again and have nominated the 16th of April as the qualifier. This is not noted in the Handbook as the application details came too late for it to be included.

The new season is nearly upon us and looking forward to see if the New Summer League and the New Weekly Nine Hole comps progress.

Currently in the process of updating our senior colleagues to their new 28 plus handicaps where applicable and also reviewing the Handicap lists to delete ex members and add in any new members.
I also, think at some stage soon we should meet the seniors to discuss management of their handicaps overall with a view to them being noted on Club Systems 2000 more often so more accurate levels are allotted.

Unfortunately the Bradford Winter Alliance fixture had to be cancelled due to a waterlogged course here at Calverley. David Peat is going to try and give us an alternative date, but time is tight as the season starts in earnest in March/April so this may not be possible.

Reminder of the St. George’s Day 18-hole Shotgun Start on Sunday 24th April – tee off at 9.00am. With bacon roll, tea/coffee at 8.00am. 4 – Man Team, £20 per team. Notices will be placed in clubhouse.

(Action C. Wren).

Handicap Secretary’s Report

I have conducted the annual review which didn’t make any suggestions about increasing any handicap to over 28. For those who feel they should have a handicap above 28, they need to put in 3 cards. There is a new formula for working out the handicap which is as follows;

The player must submit three cards. Use the Lowest Gross Differential (LGD) and apply the following formulae. Adjusted Gross Score is a maximum of 2 over SSS on each hole

LGD = (Lowest card score – Adjusted Gross Score) – SSS

(LGD+(LGD x 0.13))/1.237 = New Handicap.

Vice Captain’s Report, 8-15’s & Tigers Section Report

The Tigers’ meeting held this month finalised the Tigers’ trip venue to Wetherby Golf Club on the 30th September. Vice Captain advised the meeting that he will attending the 8-15’s meeting next week at Northcliffe.

Rabbits’ Section Report

Rabbits Section Membership has started a little slowly with only 24 to date but I expect a flurry of applications now that Easter has passed and the season is about to start. Forms are on the Rabbits Notice board or can be obtained from me on request. The Rabbit’s Captain asked that should not all eligible members be asked to pay the Rabbit’s members fees perhaps added to the annual subscriptions, after a short discussion it was thought that this would not be the way to go.

A reminder that the Rabbits Invitation day is on Sunday, 22 May:

This event is open to all members, including 5 day members and non-members as long as;

  • One of the players is a member (5 or 7 day) at Calverley GC
  • One of the players is a Rabbit, i.e. has a competition handicap of 16 or over (max 28)
  • It will be 4BBB using 9/10 of handicaps.

Entry forms are incorporated into the Rabbits Section application forms and are also available separately on our notice board or from me.

A notice and list for my Rabbits Captains Away Day on Friday, 24/06/16 at Woolley Park GC is now on the notice board. The price of £45 includes a drink, as well as the pre and post round food and competition fee.

All members are welcome but numbers are limited to 40.

Senior Section Report

The Senior Section Committee will be entering two teams in Olivia’s Charity Day and other section members are to be encouraged to do the same. The last round of the Winter Eclectic will take place this week, the last board competition of the year.

The section would like to thank Paul Brown and his team for their great efforts around the course, which has really improved of late.

Ladies’ Section Report

It was advised by Louise Ward that the Ladies have yet to have their committee meeting therefore there will be a report for our next meeting in April.

Junior Section Report

On the 2nd April Jonathan Oates, Chris Park, Jeff Whittam & I have arranged to meet all junior members and their parents/guardians to discuss the forthcoming season and how we intend to run the junior competitions in accordance with the Golf Mark Accreditation. Also, to confirm that we will be entering a Junior Team into the ’Development League’ this year in an effort to give our more talented young golfers some experience in Matchplay situations. It was agreed that we can pay the £25.00 registration fee.


Social Committee’s Report

Nothing much to report, no social events arranged apart from the Captain’s Charity Event for Guide Dogs for the Blind on 26th March 2016.

Head Green Keepers Report

Paul Brown was disappointed with the negative comments about the course at the last meeting, so he has been working constantly on the course with his team to make various improvements, with hollow tinning, slitting & feeding of the greens. New rough cutter and fairway cutter imminent for delivery, a new utility vehicle obtained. Have been given £40k budget for investment on the course – with work on the new holes to be actioned. Pete Thorpe commented that this is a positive step and the committee joined him to thank Paul and his team for their efforts. (See Seniors Comments).

Website & Brand Committee’s Report

Met with Chris Wren & Paul Brown on the 12th March regarding the Calverley Golf Club website and the updates required, all information has been given to me for upload to website, hopefully all this should be completed by end of April.

Small changes have already been done which Chris Wren has seen and he’s OK, the bigger changes will be done over the next few weeks. I will be installing some monitoring software onto the site soon; this will enable Chris & me to see how many people come to the site, which pages are most effective and where we can improve.

I know the biggest issue I’ve seen is that the site is not responsive so viewing it on mobiles/tablets is not great. This hopefully will be changing back end of the year when the contract with Whole in 1 Golf expires and we can add a new theme to push it forward.

Facebook is doing great in terms of people looking at the posts that myself and others have put on, again this will link into the monitoring software so we will know how many clicks goes from Facebook to the website.

Please give me some time to update the website, hopefully by next meeting we will know some visiting figures, and hopefully we can have some marketing plans in place.


Any Other Business

  1. CHRIS WREN – May I go on the record in thanking Bill Gall for taking all the photographs of our new officials for this year, and for updating the frames in the entrance hall.
  1. CHRIS WREN – Do we want to have a committee trip this year – if yes when & where would be acceptable to everyone, the committee to discuss and advise at next meeting please.
  1. CHRIS WREN – I have a cheque for £250.00 from the resident, who lives adjacent to the 4th tee, what do we want to do with the money. It was advised by the committee that this will go into the junior account, many thanks to Calverley Golf Club Ltd for their donation.
  1. CHRIS WREN – I have collected cash from St. Patrick’s Day = £60.00 & £111.00 from the GDFTB collection boxes, can we start a separate line in the accounts for the Captain’s Charity, yes the treasurer agreed to undertake this task.
  1. JOHN DAUGHTRY – Due to Paul Arthurs & Nigel Armstrong’s resignation, do we want to co-opt anyone else onto this committee? It was discussed and unanimously agreed that Chairman will approach Terry Collins who has shown interest in joining the committee. It was felt that his experience would be vital to the committee & the club.
  1. CHRIS WREN – Does anyone want to go to a GDFTB Event at Carnegie College on Thursday 28th April with Geoff Capes in attendance? Please advise the Secretary if you want to attend.
  1. PETE THORPE – Raised the issue of our current membership numbers, he said although it was encouraging to see where we stand – looking at the figures supplied under the membership report what about the 64 who have ‘not yet’ seemed to have re-joined. It was advised by Jonathan Oates that the pro-shop have emailed the members in question, some have been prompted in re-joining but many have not yet replied, a further email will be sent out to these persons.
  1. JOHN DAUGHTRY – Raised the issue regarding players placing items into the winter golf holes to prevent the golf ball bouncing back out, after a short discussion it was reported that one culprit was a past captain, regardless of this – this practice must cease as it contravenes a rule of golf, which states – A ball is “holed” when it is at rest within the circumference of the hole and all of it is below the level of the lip of the hole.

Action Points to be advised at the meeting;

  1. Contact all Captains to attend the ‘Drive In’ on Sunday the 17th April (C. Wren to Action).
  2. Advertise in clubhouse for the St. George’s Day 18-hole Shotgun Event. (M. Rhodes to Action).

Attachments to be sent out with the minutes;

Att. (i) Details of the Yorkshire Union Seminar at Flaxby Hall, Huddersfield.

Att (ii) Copy of letter to seniors regarding their request for a dropping zone.

Att (iii) Minutes of meeting with Paul Fennelly & Paul Brown.

Att (iv) Notes from the meeting with Ruth Wood GDFTB.

Att (v) Email from Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs regarding funding.

Att (vi) Accounts spreadsheet for March 2016.

Meeting closed at 8.15pm.

Date of next meeting will be on Tuesday 26th April 2016 commencing at 7.00pm.

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