Rabbits Section





 Phill Dyson

01274 621068 / 07957 487907

Vice-Captain:  Alan Lister
07788 376877

Secretary:  Andy Rogers

07828 689084  0113 229 0105

Treasurer:  Richard Lonsdale

0746 416870

Chairman: John Harkin
07711 523238


Rabbits Committee Members


Dave Pickles
07960 960578

James Clemans

07833 390521

 John Barber

07789 326795

Mick Treanor

07833 390521

Ian Richardson

07866 455578

Rabbits Competition



If you are entered into a drawn competition, you must make every effort to contact your opponent as soon as both parties are known. Failure to make contact will result in one or both parties being disqualified and a bye given to the opponent in the next round. Players must inform the Committee immediately they experience difficulties in arranging matches.
If you wish to postpone a match, then you should agree this with your opponent and then you must gain agreement from the Rabbits Committee by submitting the request in writing to one of the Rabbits Section Committee Members prior to the date by which the match should be played by.Failure to do so will result in one or both parties being disqualified.
All Section Competitions must be played off the white tees (including Individual Knockout).
Any knockout competition match that is tied after 18 holes must be finished by playing a further three holes. If no winner is decided after three additional holes, then a further three must be played until a winner is decided.
Failure to register as a member of the Rabbits Section prior to entering any Section Competition will result in disqualification.

Should a player’s handicap become below 16 they will not be eligible to play in Rabbits section competitions and will become a member of the Tigers section.

If a round of the King Rabbit or either of the section’s knockout competitions has been completed the player will continue in that competition.

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