Footgolf at Calverley

Footgolf is the hottest new sport to hit the world today. It combines the social aspect and elegance of golf with the world's passion for football. You don’t have to be a golfer or a footballer to enjoy it, there are no stuffy dress-codes, You can bring your own football or alternatively you can hire our size 5 balls. Then you’re all set to get Kicking!

Have Fun!

The rules are exactly the same as golf except you use your foot & a football

Please be respectful of other players. We are a family venue and would appreciate no bad language

Anyone can play!

Come with friends, family, work colleagues, football team mates, or anyone else with you because you will all have have a brilliant time playing footgolf especially if you have never played it before. Then enjoy some light refreshments within our clubhouse.

Choose 9 or 18 holes
Pay on the day
Have Fun

Affordable for everyone

Payment is made on the day at the course. 9/18 holes of footgolf on average takes 1 or 2 hours to complete, respectively. Booking is required, as the course gets busy and may be booked already.

Adults 9 Holes
£5 each
Adults 18 holes
Under 16's 9 Holes
Under 16's 18 Holes
Concessions 9 Holes
Concessions 18 Holes

Foot Golf Rules & Etiquette

1.  Please be respectful of the golfers as this is a shared facility. 

2.  The ball must stop before taking your next kick. 

3.  The player farthest from the hole kicks next. 

4.  Do not stop the ball from rolling with the wind. 

5.  The order of play is established by the score of the previous hole.  i.e. the best player kicks first etc. 

6.  Play the ball where it lies.  You are not allowed to move the  ball.  Exception:  you may mark the spot and lift the ball    when it may obstruct another players ball. 

7.  Should the ball land in an unplayable position, the player can accept a one kick penalty and drop the ball within two      steps of its point of entry but not nearer the hole OR re-kick  from the previous kick position.

8.  Do not play the ball from any golf green.  A free drop is    allowed, 5 metres from the green.  

  • Please wear appropriate footwear – soft soled shoes or trainers are ideal.
  • For Foot Golf:  Football Boots are not permitted, trainers or astroturf boots only.
  • All under 14s must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Wherever possible, keep up with the group ahead. If you are holding up a group behind you, you must give way to allow them through.
  • Maximum of 4 players for Golf
  • Please wait for the group in front to complete the hole before playing
    your shot into the green
  • **Please be mindful that this is a family facility, and your language and
    behaviour must be appropriate**

footgolf card

Available Booking Times

Mon: From 10am  
Tue:  From 10am 
Wed: From 10am
Thu: From 10am 
Fri: From 10am 
Sat: From 10am
Sun: From 10am
Open on Bank Holidays except Xmas / Boxing Day.

To Book your Round, please ring the Pro Shop on 0113 256 9244




0113 2569244


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