Sink More Putts with These Golf Tips

Make putting easier by following the simple techniques

1. Mindset

The very first thing you should realize is that you have to focus on the technique and routine, not the final result. Do not think like this “If I can simply make this short putt I will win this tournament”.

Truth be told, there have been many pros in golf tournaments who lost on the final green by losing out on short putts.

I need you to focus on making the putt first, then you can think about the result and outcome.

2. Visualization

Have a look at the course to see if it is downhill or uphill. Are the greens slow or fast?

On fast greens, you’ll have to roll the golf ball slower. So, play extra break to make this possible.

If the green is slow you will be ready to play the putt straighter, simply because you will be rolling the ball a lot faster.

But each putt and green is different so you will need to establish a decision, to begin with.

3. Keep it Steady

After that, you need to keep the very same routine that you would make use of for all putts. This must consist of having a number of practice strokes to have a great feel for the putt you are about to attempt.

Looking at the hole quite a few times as you do provides you an excellent understanding and feel of exactly where the hole truly is.

4. Implementation

Set your putter down and target the clubface squarely by using the line on the ball.

Right now you simply need to focus on rolling the ball at the ideal place.

Next, get in position and keep your eyes directly over the ball, shoulders must be parallel to the target line, a ball placed just ahead of the centre (under left eye works effectively), feet positioned about shoulder-width and parallel to the target line.

5. Head Still

Keep your head down and eyes looking at the ground until 3 seconds right after you hit it.

Hit the putt and then count to 3 before looking up.

On short putts, the golf ball will already be in the hole before you get to 3.

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